Our school profile

"Umhlali Preparatory School" opened its doors on 11 February 1918. Steeped in history and many fine traditions, the school has emerged from the humble beginnings of 11 pupils enjoying lessons in a 'wood and iron' classroom to a school now of more than 1000 pupils, being taught in very modern and well appointed facilities.

We pride ourselves of being a pillar of our community, serving the Dolphin Coast with the same commitment and dedication that has been the hallmark of our school over the last ninety seven years.


Built on sound values

Built on sound values of integrity, respect, tolerance, trust, loyalty, responsibility, fun and happiness, the school continues to grow in statue and excellence. As a "Choose Respect" school we promote dignity and respect as deserving of all people that we meet. Honour the past, live in the now, and look forward to the future, are the words that I believe epitomise what we represent!


Our school stands out

We are a Section 21 State School offering quality and affordable preparatory education from Grade R to Grade 7. What makes our school stand out as a school of quality and excellence? It is our very dedicated teachers, polite and well behaved pupils and our supportive and involved parents.

We have embraced outcomes based education and are guided by the Curriculum and Assessment Statement (CAPS) as is required of all schools in South Africa to follow, whether state or independent.


We planned to expand and we achieved it

n our school we are governed and lead by a very supportive, enlightened and committed School Governing Body (SGB). Eleven years ago when newly elected and lead by the Chairperson, Jonathan de Wet, the members strategised about the future and needs of our school. The Strategic planning team, determined that our school had to expand to keep pace with the escalating academic, sporting and creative arts, and demands that we foresaw. This planning was implemented and the following were built: 

  • The Creativity Centre
  • The Sport Pavilion
  • New Sports fields
  • Three tennis courts
  • Six cricket nets

The Creativity Centre has given us the opportunity to begin a fresh journey in pursuit of academic excellence and the 'creative arts' enrichment.


Our proud achievements

International and national examinations that we write include SIAT, Conquesta, Sacee and Amesa. We continue to benchmark ourselves against these examinations and remain one of the top 20 schools in South Africa in Conquesta.

We have a proud academic, cultural and sporting record with our pupils receiving many scholarship, bursaries and sporting colours in 2015 , and we hope to do so again this year. These include: Dolphin Coast Tennis, Ilembe District in Hockey, Netball, Cricket & Cross Country, Northern Coast Rugby, Kwa-Zulu Natal colours in Chess, Hockey, Rugby, Netball, Swimming, and South African Colours in Chess, Karate, Judo, Tennis, and Swimming.


So much is going on

Out on the sporting arena we offer swimming, cricket, netball, hockey, rugby, athletics, and tennis, cross country and physical education lessons.

Our parents remain committed and involved in our school with may vibrant committees working hard to give our children the best start in life. These include the School Governing Body, Grade 7 Fundraising Committee, Mothers who Care Group, Junior Primary Library Committee and the Mothers Committee with the class representatives.


From good to excellent

Ours is a very special school with a very unique country feeling. We have served the local community with dignity and commitment, and will continue to do so as we lead and support other schools around us. I therefore urge you, the parents and members of this community, to continue to trust us with your child's preparatory education, as we continue to go forward striving to attain in excellence in whatever we do.


to end off, with our motto – TOTIS VIRIBUS – Strive with all your might – this we will do as we go from good to excellent.